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Even though it meant to be spring here in Australia it feels like summer has hit and so that means summer images. When searching for an image to use for my current inspiration post for Glimps stamps I couldn't go past this cute little girl with her huge ice cream. I mean who doesn't love a good double decker cone when it warms up.

This card very nearly didn't come off after a marker globbed all over my image halfway through colouring but with a little luck and perseverance I managed to rescue it and love how it has turned out. 

Guess this shows that you should never bin an image until you have tried everything to fix it. 

Anyway I hope you love my fix and the image as well which you can pick up over at the Glimps store ...

Until next time 

Happy crafting

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Benritrovate/i a tutti! Scuola finita (ma ahimè centri estivi iniziati 😅...), giornate più lunghe, finalmente ESTAT…ehm no qui in Brianza temporali ogni giorno, un freddino che viene più voglia di po


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