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With the year flying past so fast it is not hard to see how Christmas has once again crept up on us and with it all the stress and organising that needs to be done. So with that in mind I am using my last inspiration post of 2019 to set myself up for a better year next year.

Christmas time can be an expensive time of year and due to this I try to preplan and prebuy some of the gifts needed, cards to make etc but with that comes the task of remembering what I have done or brought. So with this in mind I have made myself a pocket cover to go in my planner. 

Then was the task of amazing up the cover. I didn't want it too Christmasy because I have to carry it all year long but still to have a festive touch. So when looking for the perfect image I couldn't go past the 3 wise men from Glimps. Even though not overly religious I love the true story of Christmas and thought these three men with their gifts perfectly represented what I was wanting. 

Be sure to check them out here

And here is an inside view of the folder with the pockets ready for receipts, wish lists etc.

I also have the option of adding an insert to the string which I will do as the year progresses

I now can't wait for next year to start my planning in this gorgeous little folder and hopefully next year will be way more organised and on track. LOL probably not though. Until next year all the beat for the silly season and Merry Christmas

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